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Heroic Cop Jumps Into Cold Water To Save A Dog Who’d Been Tied And Thrown In It

Published on 13 July, 2015 at 7:40 pm By

Police officers in Bogota, Columbia, had been patrolling near a wet marshland when they heard a dog yelping nearby. On closer inspection, they found a female dog trying to keep herself afloat; it looked like someone had tied her hind legs and then thrown her into the waters. The police officers decided that the dog was not going to meet her end in such a cruel way. One of them stripped down to his underwear and jumped into the cold waters. He made his way to the dog and managed to tie her with a rope. The other officers then pulled her up. The dog showed signs of hypothermia but was immediately tended to. She later posed for a photo with her rescuer, who has reportedly adopted her.

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