Thief Emailed To Apologise For Stealing Laptop From A Student. Real Or Fake?

6:46 pm 29 Nov, 2018


I remember the last time my mobile phone got stolen, I was filled up with rage and sadness. That is the natural reaction when something is stolen from you. Especially, gadgets like laptop or mobile. Also, we get totally furious at the thief. We somehow keep a slim hope alive that the culprit will be caught and we will get our things back. That rarely happens! Another thing that is almost unheard of is getting a letter from the thief who stole your belongings. However, there was an incident where a thief mailed back a stolen purse as it had the image of the owner’s mother. Recently, however, a college student received an email from the thief who stole his laptop.

This funny incident was shared on Twitter by the flatmate of the person whose laptop got stolen. He shared an image of the email that the person received after his laptop was taken.



The mail says that the thief is sorry for taking the laptop but he/she only did that because of scarcity of money. The burglar further said that he/she left the wallet and mobile of the student so that the person will not be in big trouble. How generous!

Undoubtedly, someone stealing because of poverty is always sad. However, what added the spice of hilarity is the second paragraph of the email. The thief asked the student if there are some university works in the laptop. If yes, then the burglar offered to mail them across too.



Naturally, the Twitterati couldn’t let this opportunity pass and they unleashed their humorous side. Check out how they reacted.






















Though there are some users who doubted the authenticity of the story, the majority accepted it as the truth. Real or fake, this is a kind of story that certainly makes us sad for a while but then we laugh our hearts out. What are your thoughts on this incident? The comments section is waiting for you.