This Video Of College Girls Calling Ram Rahim Singh Their Father Figure Is Going Viral

6:44 pm 27 Aug, 2017


The CBI special court in Panchkula convicted the self-styled godman, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, of raping two of his women devotees.

Tens of thousands of Dera followers created a widespread violence immediately after the verdict was announced on Friday.

The spiritual guru has been taken to a jail in the town of Rohtak until his sentence is announced on Monday.


On one side Bollywood stars Farhan Akhtar, Anupam Kher and Raveena Tandon, and many others hailed the court’s judgment.

On the other hand, a lot of people, especially Dera followers, are raising slogans of his greatness.

Recently, college-going girls made a video where they vented out their anger over the court’s decision and claimed that for them their “Guruji” is above all.



The netizens called this video “scripted” and believe that these innocent girls have been brainwashed.