Coldplay’s New Song Was Shot In India And It Will Fill You With Serenity

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7:06 pm 30 Jan, 2016

The magical voice of Chris Martin became more ecstatic after his melody got mixed with the spiritual power of India. His new song ‘Hymn for the Weekend’ is a mix of simplicity and high-spirited passion. And now we know his soulful objective of coming to India was his Global Poverty Project.

The source of this song is India’s devotion, faith and fervor for God.

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‘Beyonce’ dazzles in the song with her colorful appearance.

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The song makes us realize that it’s the smallest things in India that enrich the atmosphere here.

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And in the end, the bubbly Sonam Kapoor adds a spark to the song with her Indian-ness.

capture 10


You will listen to this song a million times till your ears get tired, I bet.

Enjoy the video and dance to its tunes:


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