Coffee Shop Owner BUSTED After NAKED Model Served Customers. Now Faces Arrest

3:05 pm 6 Feb, 2018

People go to all lengths to tempt customers and some even invest hugely in marketing gimmicks. In order to lure customers, shop owners are known to practice insane marketing strategies, in the hope of drawing business and remaining in the top league. The owner of ‘Coffee On The Day’ Prason Sukkorn, took one such drastic and unusual step to boost his sales, but now faces an evident five years in a hellhole Thailand jail.

His offence? He made a ‘nude’ and ‘busty’ model serve his customers! The model who stripped off goes by the name Arisa Suwannawong.


Arika uses the nickname ‘Jaenae with the huge boobs’.



The model donned a skimpy apron while the owner unabashedly took pictures of her serving customers.



She confidently flaunts her chest while saying ‘the coffee is so good, they use plenty of milk’.


Arisa Suwannawong posed for pics to drum up the business in the cafe.


The model is just 22 years old.



Her pictures caused major outrage when they were uploaded.




But the bizarre marketing stunt backfired and the owner Mr Sukkorn is now facing a jail sentence of three to five years and or a fine of £2,255 (100,000 Thai baht) for obscenity. Prasong said:

“There was no intention to be sexual or offensive. I posted the pictures online just as a way of marketing the business. I have apologised for this”.


He added: “I have apologised for this.”


Police commander Thanachai Usakit from the Sattahip district station said the owner admitted uploading ‘obscene materials’. He said: ‘The owner said that he didn’t know better and admitted it was obscene. According to him,

“He didn’t realize it would break the law, because the model in the photos wasn’t fully naked. ‘The pictures were removed but the original offence is still present. We must investigate that and proceed with the law”.


The coffee shop only opened recently and has already caught the attention thanks to this tactic.



Despite apologising, the owner still faces punishment.