The Martyrdom Of A COBRA Commando And What He Leaves Behind

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10:33 am 20 Jul, 2016

In one of the deadliest attacks on CRPF, Naxals ambushed a convoy of the elite COBRA commandoes. Ten COBRA commandoes attained martyrdom in improvised explosive device blast in Sondaha, Aurangabad district of Bihar.

In an encounter that lasted for eight hours well into the night, four naxals were killed too.

Among those who attained martyrdom was a Manoj Chere of Multai Tehsil in Baitul district of Madhya Pradesh.

Manoj was the eldest of four siblings. The son of a farmer, Manoj found his calling in the elite counter-Naxal force.


Manoj Chere. Bhaskar

Manoj Chere. Bhaskar

After doing his graduation from Barkatulla University in Bhopal, Manoj joined CRPF in 2009 and was attached to the 205 COBRA Aurangabad battalion.

Being the eldest, the primary responsibility of the family was on his shoulders. Manoj was unmarried but helped the family marry off one of his two sisters, Bali.


His father, Ramdayal, is a very old man who tills the family’s five acre land in the village. Helping Ramdayal is Manoj’s younger brother Sanjay.

On June 26, Manoj left to answer the call of duty after spending some precious (and rare in their lives) family time at his village.

Just two days before he attained martyrdom, Manoj had spoken to his father inquiring about the well-being of his brother, sisters and especially his mother.


Manoj spending some rare time with other CRPF men. Bhaskar

Manoj spending some rare time with other CRPF men. Bhaskar

The news of his death has left the family in a shock. Manoj’s mother is particularly distraught. But being the parents and siblings of a martyr, the entire family is proud of Manoj.


Even his village is immensely proud of Manoj’s martyrdom. They remember him as a jovial and kind-natured soldier.

Manoj’s body will be flown to Baitul in a helicopter.


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