Why Choose Working In A Co-Working Space Over Cafes And Boring Cubicles

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3:10 pm 9 Nov, 2016

While starting a startup is a huge risk on its own, things like a working space, internet connection and other administrative facilities for ourselves and our employees add on to the pressure. In case you’re a freelancing writer or designer, work cafes might have looked lucrative until we were seated next to a hyper excited college group more than enough times.

Co-working, on the other hand, is a fast trending concept in India as startups expand and spread to new, innovative minds.

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The reasons which make it an ideal spot to get your work done are more than one:

1. Saves Cost

A very obvious reason why a shared, co-working space is better for budding start-ups is its cost effectiveness. Startups have a constant finance crunch and work space expense always seem frivolous which is why a lot of people work from home till a very long time.

2. Perfect work-n-play balance

Because of their vibrant, quirky vibes, co-working spaces are anything but mundane. They give you the discipline of an office and recreation of home. Relaxing bean bags, fully-functional pantry and quirky walls with quaint balconies give you a perfect space to balance work and play.
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3. Engaging neighbors add to your business opportunity

Thanks to a shared space and shuffling neighbors, your chances of engaging new people with similar or complementary interests enhances your business opportunities.

4.  Creative collaborations pave way for new perspectives

 A creative neighborhood boosts collaborations and instant feedback. Alternate perspectives and ideas give you new ways to improve your product and strategies.
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5. Convenient in all spheres

Co-working not just gives you an advantage of a stellar location but also rids you of the pressure of long leases, operating entities and maintenance overhead costs.

6. Never lets you feel isolated

Growing a business is quite a lonely journey. Sitting behind a laptop all day can be exhausting. Co-working boosts your social life and hence gives you more opportunity to relax at your work space.
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Mumbai Co-working Spaces offers affordable working space to startups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers.

Apart from their state of the art workstations, their premium location in Mumbai makes it an ideal spot to get your work done without sweating out the small stuff. Located in Andheri-Lokhandwala, the building houses major business offices and high-end restaurant on ground floor along with a private terrace to give you a breathy sneak from your hectic work.

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The best part about Mumbai Co-working spaces is their reasonable prices. The floating seats start at Rs. 5000 per month inclusive of all facilities while the fixed ones start as cheap as Rs.7000 per month. Book your space in Mumbai Co-working Space and check out their Facebook page for their exciting updates.

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