Donald Trump Called Hillary Clinton ‘Crooked’ On Twitter But She Had The Last Laugh

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1:52 pm 10 Jun, 2016


While in the past we have seen a lot of politicians trolling the opposition in India, the West has taken it to another level.

In India the top lot of the political parties rarely get into a ‘direct’ debate on social media, Trump has set a ‘precedent’ in the US.


The United States Republican Presidential candidate attacked his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton by calling her “Crooked Hillary”, and didn’t even spare the current US President Obama for endorsing her.



While such attacks and tweets are common sight on Trump’s twitter handle, Hillary usually just ignores him on social platform.

But this time Hillary did not let it pass and gave a snarky reply:


Hillary’s tweet is now being considered among the funniest yet most awkward of the campaign for the Democratic party as the message was actually penned by a young staffer in response to Trump’s latest jibe.

The tweet has now become Hilary’s “most re-tweeted tweet of the campaign!”




The tweets has got more than 145,000 re-tweets and is being considered a success with the youth, who till now have struggled to connect with Hilary.

But like every social debate, the tweets have once again opened a Pandora’s Box for Clinton as many attacked her over the use of a private email account while she served as America’s top diplomat,  a scandal which Clinton is having hard time shaking off.