Watch How A 10-Year-Old Cleveland Boy Took Cops On 162 Kmph Thrilling Car Chase For 72 Kms

3:48 pm 29 Oct, 2017


In what appears like in a movie or in some dream, a 10-year-old boy from Cleveland led Ohio state police on an epic 72-kilometer car chase that reached speeds of over 162 kilometers per hour.

The boy, who was not identified, reportedly stole his mother’s boyfriend’s car and started his fast and furious ride at about 8:30 a.m. when he was waiting for his sister, who was said to be showering at that time, to take him to school.


It is reportedly said that the boy’s mother frantically jumped in her car to try and find him and called 911, but said it has further enraged the boy.

The police officers tried to stop the boy as he drove through counties with high speed, sometimes reaching 162 kilometers per hour.


The Ohio State Highway Patrol took over the chase once the boy entered the Ohio Turnpike and the troopers attempted to stop the car by boxing it in and putting stop spike strips out, but the boy avoided them by driving through a ditch. The boy then attempted to re-enter the road but the car became stuck in a ditch, causing the epic chase to end in Erie County.


Child driving


The State Highway Patrol troopers were shocked to see a child behind the wheel when they approached the car.

The officers broke the window and the boy was pulled out of the car. An officer said that as the boy was taken into custody, he attempted to spit and kick at the troopers. The boy was taken to a hospital accompanied by his mother and said to have not sustained any injuries. The 10-year-old was charged with fleeing and eluding, a third-degree felony.


Child driving


According to police, the boy’s joyride was his second this month. The police said he was stopped on the interstate with three flat tires on October 16 after taking his mother’s car because he was bored.

You can check out footage of the high-speed chase below.


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