Three Class X Students Raised Rs 3 Crore For This Simple, Yet Delicious, Idea

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4:25 pm 16 Mar, 2017

Entrepreneurship isn’t something that is learnt, it is an inborn trait. And three young teenagers from Jaipur have just proved it.

Mrigank Gujjar, Utsav Jain and Chetanya Golechcha, three class X students of Neerja Modi School, Jaipur, have raised a giant funding of Rs. 3 crore for their start-up idea, Infusion Beverages.



It all began when the trio decided to make healthy and flavored drinks for the entrepreneur fest in school. They got kicked out in the very first round, but they got an opportunity to deliver 150 bottles of the infusion drink. The boys grabbed the opportunity and delivered the bottles, creating history for themselves.

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Chetanya Golechcha commented:

Our presentation of the product failed to impress the judges in the fest. We were kicked out in the first round. Though we were out of the competition in the first hour but got the order of delivering 150 flavoured water bottles.

Their startup creates flavored water without any preservatives or added sugar. Gujjar said:

We carried out intense research on Google to prepare a healthy drink without sugar and soda. But soon we realized that turning an idea into reality is not easy when you are a minor. Procuring the licence, necessary permissions from the food department and approval from FSSAI, are a herculean task. As we were minors our parents sought the permission on our behalf.

Soon, the trio began participating in various entrepreneurship fests around the country and received immense appreciation in IIT, Kanpur and IIM, Indore. The much-needed boost came when Malviya National Institute of Technology decided to incubate the idea and also helped them apply for a patent.




Another solid wave of help came in from an investor who called them up and decided to fund the project with Rs. 3 crore. Utsav Jain revealed:

The meeting was successful in the first hour. They decided to fund Rs 3 crore. Under the agreement, we have the responsibility of marketing and research. The plant will be based in Indore.

Since January this year, they have already sold around 8,ooo bottles of infused water in three flavors – rose, kewra and bel.

The boys believe that they are simply starting early on their dream unlike other teenagers who are busy enjoying life. We wish them success and many more milestones.



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