Class X Girl Claims She Was Raped, But The One She Is Accusing Is Not From This World

Updated on 4 Sep, 2017 at 3:04 pm

A class X student from Satna district in Madhya Pradesh gave birth to a baby girl on Monday night. She claimed that she was raped. While the claim is serious the one she named as her rapist shocked everyone in the hospital and the police.

The girl claimed that a genie had impregnated her after sexually exploiting her several times. The family of the girl claims that she is under the influence of some evil spirit.


According to the family, they even consulted local witch doctors on several occasions, but the girl maintained that the genie never stopped following her.

The incident came to light only after the pregnant girl was hospitalised for delivery in a Community Health Centre located in Devendranagar.

On being asked about the father of the child, the girl mentioned her father’s name in instead of baby’s father, which shocked nurses and doctors. But she also added that it was a genie.


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The duty staff at the hospital reported the incident Devendranagar police station. After registering a case, Devendranagar police forwarded the case diary to Singhpur police in Satna where the family resides.

According to Superintendent of Police Raghavendra Singh, the family is either too superstitious or is trying to hide something. He said, “The probe will reveal the truth.”

Whether or not the family is superstitious, this is a clear case of sexual assault which should have been probed the moment the victim was hospitalised for delivery keeping in the mind the age of the victim.