Was The Death Of Homi Bhabha, The Father Of India’s Nuclear Program, An Assassination?

5:45 pm 30 Jul, 2017


As per an investigation carried out by a seemingly unknown website, US intelligence agency, the CIA, has been found responsible for the crash of the aircraft AI Boeing 707 in 1966 over the French Alps. Reports suggest that the father of Indian nuclear science, Homi Jahangir Bhabha, was traveling in that aircraft to Vienna to attend a meeting when his plane met its doom and crashed against Mont Blanc.

The news website, TBRnews.org, had come up with a report in 2008 featuring a conversation between journalist Gregory Douglas and CIA journalist, Robert T. Crowley, that further suggested a keen role played by the US intelligence agency in the crash. Although this conversation took place on July 11, 2008, a top official allegedly passed on a transcription of this interview to the news website in the month of November that same year.

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Suggesting a major role in the crash, the CIA official was quoted saying:

We had trouble, you know, with India back in the 60’s when they got uppity and started work on an atomic bomb…the thing is, they were getting into bed with the Russians.

Referring to Homi Bhabha, the official further said:

That one was dangerous, believe me. He had an unfortunate accident. He was flying to Vienna to stir up more trouble when his Boeing 707 had a bomb go off in the cargo hold….

Interestingly, just a few months before his crash, Homi Bhabha had announced on AIR in 1965 that if he had his way, India would have the capability of making nuclear bombs in 18 months.

Experts, on the request of anonymity, further said that Bhabha was absolutely convinced that if India was to be counted among the world powers, it would have had to launch its nuclear programs as well as focus on its peaceful role in areas such as agriculture, power and medicine. However, underlying all of these, they had a hidden agenda of protecting and defending the country in times of need through the program.

However, although Bhabha met his unexpected death in 1966 in the infamous AI Boeing 707 crash, his dream of launching a nuclear program was achieved when India successfully tested its first atomic bomb – Smiling Buddha – in Pokharan on May 8, 1974.



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