Coldplay’s Chris Martin Pays Tribute to Chester Bennington With An Amazing Version Of ‘Crawling’

8:44 pm 3 Aug, 2017


Chris Martin recently paid a tribute to the late Chester Bennington at the first concert of Coldplay’s North American tour 2017. He gave a solo piano performance of Linkin Park’s ‘Crawling’, which is known to be one of the band’s early hits.

Chris played the song and dedicated it to “anyone who’s missing someone”. He then restarted the song after an awkward opening, and stated that he wanted to get the song perfect since it would likely end up on YouTube.

Chris Martin pays tribute to Chester Bennington


Bennington committed suicide at the age of 41 last month on the day which would have been his friend Chris Cornell’s 53rd birthday. Cornell’s death which happened a month earlier than Bennington’s was also ruled a suicide. Bennington was laid to rest in a private ceremony in Palos Verdes, California. Last week, over 300 memorials were organised by Linkin Park fans, hosted by the remaining band members.

Post his death, Bennington’s wife Talinda released a statement and thanked fans for their love and support. She also stated that she would give her best in raising her and Bennington’s six children. “May God bless us all and help us turn to one another when we are in pain,” she wrote, as per a report. “Chester would’ve wanted us to do so,” she added.

Coldplay and Linkin Park hit stardom at similar times, with Coldplay’s debut album ‘Parachutes’ that released five months before Linkin Park’s first LP, ‘Hybrid Theory’ in the year 2000. Coldplay’s tour will continue on Friday in Boston before concluding on October 8 in San Diego.