Chris Gayle Grooved Like A Pro To Sapna Chaudhary’s Haryanavi Song But There’s An Interesting Catch

3:51 pm 26 Apr, 2018


Sapna Choudhary was a celebrity in Delhi-NCR region when she not only participated, but had a successful stint in the Indian reality television show ‘Bigg Boss 11’. That show gained her more fan following across the country and she made her fans weep after getting eliminated from the show. Even Salman couldn’t help becoming her fan and welcomed her on stage for a dance.



Sapna was recently seen in a song with actor Abhay Deol in the film ‘Nanu Ki Jaanu’, but not many know that the song is inspired from her popularity and the sensation that she is. It was titled ‘Tere Thumke Sapna Choudhary‘.

Watch the song here:



Soon after she was acquitted from ‘Big Boss 11’, she went on to become a household name, featuring in more hit songs like ‘Hatt Ja Tau‘ for the film ‘Veerey Ki Wedding‘ which is sung by Sunidhi Chauhan and was released on February 15, 2018.



While we all know she’s quite popular, it’s time another fan grooved to her popular tracks. It was none other than West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle. The ‘champion’ of stylish and quirky moves, Chris is currently playing in the ongoing Indian Premier League, in which he plays for Kings XI Punjab, co-owned by Preity Zinta.



In a recent viral video, he can be seen dancing to Haryanavi performer Sapna Choudhary’s famous song ‘Teri aankhon ka yo kajal‘, and going by his moves, he has done even a better job than the star herself!



The flamboyant cricketer seems to have copied Sapna’s grooves to perfection. He even looks like he’s practiced it a few times!



This viral video was actually shared by the Haryanavi star herself! When Sapna chanced upon his video online, she immediately shared it on her Instagram account, with the caption, “Look what I found on Internet. @chrisgayle333 You are such a good Dancer.”

Take a look at Sapna Choudhary’s post:




But dear excited fans, turns out that not only is this a whole mistake on Sapna’s end, but even the song doesn’t belong to her!



The West Indies all-rounder was actually grooving to ‘Baby Doll’ aka Sunny Leone’s super hit song ‘Laila‘ from the film ‘Raees‘ starring Shah Rukh Khan!



Now this is what had happened – Sapna had actually shared a fan-made video which she found on the internet and posted the mash up version (which we don’t mind, by the way). While Gayle’s dance moves are already creating a major buzz on social media, the original video which was posted some 9 months back.

Check out the original video posted by Chris:



Well, even though Sapna claimed it as hers, we can’t forget the contribution of Sunny Leone behind this whole goof up! Meanwhile, Sapna met her fellow ‘Bigg Boss 11’ contestant Arshi Khan and they both grooved to the song ‘Mere Rashke Qamar‘ in some cool ‘desi‘ moves.