Chris Gayle Accepted His Fan’s Request For A Date But On An Interesting Condition

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5:37 pm 5 May, 2016


Twitter has become a fantastic platform for people to contact their favorite stars. This has given a lot of fame to the fans as well.

Chris Gayle, the destructive batsman, has not been in his form in the Indian Premier League.


Chris Gayle is in Virat Kohli-led team Royal Challengers Bangalore. The ferocious cricketer has been in the limelight recently – yes, the West Indies cricketer has got a proposal on Twitter.


To which Chris Gayle has replied by happily accepting her proposal:



Well, the girl has a condition for that:



Who cares about bills if he get’s the team a win? Let’s see if the new father who has just score eight runs in the Indian Premiere League matches so far gets the motivation to do something!

Good luck Chris!



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