The Truth Behind Chitrangada Being Asked To Get Intimate With Nawazuddin Will Shock You

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6:14 pm 16 Jun, 2016


Bollywood beauty Chitrangada Singh is in the news for all the right reasons. Reportedly, the actress left the set of ‘Babumoshai Bnadookbaaz’ claiming that the director Kushan Nandy forced her to get intimate with co-star Nawazuddin.

She said that the director was not satisfied with the scene shot by her and Nawazuddin. The actress was not comfortable with shooting the scene multiple times and this led to an argument between her and Nandy.


In an interview, she said that Kushan wasn’t happy with the scene and wanted her to lie on top of Nawazuddin and give another take.


“We finished the shot and Kushan said that he didn’t like it. He wanted me to lie on top of Nawaz. Now let me tell you that I was wearing a petticoat for that scene. I turned around to tell Kushan about my predicament. I told him: ‘Ho toh gaya. Kyun kar raha hai aise? Please try to understand that I am wearing a petticoat. But, he was in no mood to listen and we ended up having a big, loud argument. And wait till you hear this! A few minutes later he went and told Nawaz that we had shot the intimate scene very well! Can you beat that?”

The actress got to know from her co-star that the director was already searching for another actress as her replacement. This made her more uncomfortable and furious. She was being asked to shoot “again and again and again. And he said that I should do it bindaas.”.



“Kushan argued that my character in the film is that of a poor woman who goes a tad wild. Does being wild mean that she will start humping her man every time she sees him?”

She was really pissed off as people over the sets weren’t doing just their jobs. As the co-producer’s interference really pissed her off.

“We had already shot a montage where Kushan wanted me to do something similar. Nawaz and I had also kissed in that montage, and now Kushan wanted a 7-second kiss in the intimate scene. Even Nawaz told him ‘Kiss kiya toh hai, ab kya chahiye Kushan?’ Kiran interfered and I turned around to tell her: Who are you to explain my scene to me? That woman decided almost everything on the set, even the nose ring that I wore. She takes the final call on clothes too. She interfered in the intimate scene and said that she wants a long smooch between Nawaz and me. I couldn’t take it lying down and I questioned them that who’s the director: Kushan or Kiran? Kushan became embarrassed and asked her to leave. She is mighty pissed with me, I guess.”



Whereas, there are some reports that said Chitrangada wanted to come back after leaving for which she also contacted Nawazuddin. To this the actress said:

“Not at all. In fact, Nawaz called me when I was headed to the airport. He asked me to return. And do you know what I told him? I told him: Speak to Kushan and if he sees my viewpoint, I am still 30 minutes away from the airport and ready to come back. But Kushan did not revert.”

But, the director of the movie Kushan Nandy totally rubbishes the comments made by Chitrangada and gave a different angle to the controversy saying:



“Blatant lies. These allegations are false. Chitrangada was continuously arguing on the scenes. We don’t make erotic films. Directors get involved in their scenes and exaggerate a bit to get the best out of their actors. Chitrangada was not performing well, the film was suffering and we asked her to leave. She has too much attitude and not only wanted changes in the script but even reported late on the sets.”

Whether it’s television or film industry, everyone wants masala in the content and that makes people force females to expose themselves. Very few filmmakers focus on the story line. The rest believe in making girls dance in water, wearing bikinis and kiss a dozen times. This doesn’t mean that every other girl who is in search of fame will fall in these traps!