Chinese Workers Thrashed Pakistani Cops For Not Letting Them Visit The Red Light Areas

1:59 pm 6 Apr, 2018


Despite having striking differences in every aspect, China and Pakistan’s ‘friendship’ is strengthening on the grounds of their mutual abhorrence for India. Under China’s massive economic development project called One Belt One Road (OBOR), Pakistan is getting numerous benefits in terms of infrastructural development.




Owing to one such project, Chinese engineers are engaged in the construction of the M4 highway. This highway will connect Bahawalpur to Faisalabad. However, the hiccup in this seemingly smooth picture emerged when enraged Chinese engineers fiercely attacked Pakistani policemen. Why? Because the authorities refused to let them visit the red light areas!


According to media reports, several Chinese workers started thrashing the cops for stopping them from visiting the red light areas without proper security.

This incident took place on April 3, 2018, and just a day later, the Chinese workers halted their work at the construction site. They abandoned the machinery and left them lying on the surrounding roads. Also, they submitted a letter to the government claiming that they stopped working as they were attacked by the security personnel.



Though the incident is heavily criticized across Pakistan, there have been no official statements from the Construction Company.

Several videos of the incident are doing the rounds on internet, here’s one for you:




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