Chinese Students Outraged After A Lecturer Showed A Map With Disputed Borders Belonging To India

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11:00 am 31 Aug, 2017


Chinese students at Sydney University were infuriated over a world map showing disputed territories, claimed by China, as part of India.

The IT lecturer, Khimji Vaghjiani, showed this world map in one of his classes eighteen months back. The image of the map was taken from Google.

The map below is the first result which comes when we google “map of the world”.


The map showed that the disputed territories of Arunachal Pradesh and Aksai Chin belong to India.



According to The Australian, a student group posted an article on WeChat on Wednesday complaining about the map.

Mr. Vagjiani apologized as his lecture has offended many students. He said,

Over 18 months ago, I used an out-of-date map, downloaded from the internet, when discussing characteristics of IT entrepreneurs around the world. I was unaware that the map was inaccurate and out-of-date. This was a genuine mistake and I regret any offence this may have caused.


Since May, there have been at least four incidents where Chinese students studying in Australia have pressured staff into apologizing for what they deemed as offensive comments.

Another such incident happened this month where a lecturer at Australian National University, Canberra, was accused of discrimination after he posted a warning in both English and Chinese.


Some of these incidents happened when the tensions between China and India were high due to a border dispute over the Doklam plateau.