Chinese Restaurant Offers Discount To Women On The Basis Of Bra Sizes

9:00 am 11 Aug, 2017


As per a recent report, a restaurant in China has offered discount to their female patrons and this discount is based on a weird factor — they being offered lucrative deals at the restaurant on the basis of bra sizes. Women who wear an A cup bra, are entitled to a five percent discount while those with B and C cups are offered 15 to 25 percent discount respectively.

The restaurant, known as Trendy Shrimp, serves seafood and found great business in this deal. The restaurant promoted the offer with a pamphlet illustrating the deal via a series of animated women, together with a caption reading, “The whole city is looking for BREASTS,” per a translation in BBC News.

Illustration for the restaurant ad


“This content [is] vulgar advertising. In addition, I think it is discriminatory against women.” said Ms. Zhu, a Hangzhou resident, as per a report. While many people have complained about the restaurant’s advertising policies, the restaurant’s general manager revealed that the posters have been removed. However, despite of the backlash, the promotions worked exactly as they were planned.

After people criticized such advertising techniques, an apology has also been issued by the CEO of the restaurant group. “We … apologise for all the guests who entered the store, and the discount was cancelled, but we [are] planning a new program that would be launched,” revealed Mr Lu (The CEO of the restaurant group).

Such advertising techniques are a clear display of the sickening mindset of people, howsoever developed the country is.