Chinese Newspaper Uses 1962 Editorial To Warn India As Sikkim Standoff Continues

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7:22 pm 13 Jul, 2017


Chinese newspapers have been reportedly writing editorials asking India to exercise caution in the middle of the stand-off between India and China at Sikkim. The recent one is by a paper which referred to an editorial written in 1962.

On September 21, 1962 Chinese newspaper, Global Times, had warned India against invading Chinese territory. It had mentioned that it would not be good if India attacked China.

The newspaper is entirely controlled by the Communist Party of China which has been in power ever since the birth of the nation after a civil war.


Chinese and Indian soldiers at Nathu La in Sikkim. Jansatta


The editorial titled ‘If this can be tolerated, What not?’ had accused Indian soldiers of attacking Chinese troops without any provocation.

Referring to the old editorial, the Global Times now says that the Indian troops have been infiltrating Chinese territories. The newspaper column also warned India that if the troops continued to infringe upon the Chinese territories then Indian soldiers would die. The column also mentioned that McMohan Line, marking the boundaries between India and China, was illegal and not acceptable.

On June 6, Chinese soldiers had destroyed an Indian bunker near the international boundary. India has opposed the construction of roads in the Doklam plateau and since then, there has been a stand-off between Indian and Chinese soldiers near Sikkim.


Defence Minister, Arun Jaitley, in reply to the warnings being published in Chinese newspapers, previously said that China must remember that India in 1962 and India in 2017 are two totally different versions. The Chinese official in reply said that even China is not the same as it was in 1962.


Since June 2017, there has been several high-level meetings between the officials of two nations but no concrete solution has been reached at.