Chinese Man Who Dated 17 Girls Is Finally Arrested On Charges Of Fraud

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5:07 pm 20 May, 2015


In April, a man from Hunan province in China made international headlines when he was caught cheating on 17 girlfriends.

Yuan was caught when 17 girls rushed to a hospital to see him after he had been in an accident.


Hailing from Changsha, Yuan had been dating all 17 girls, had a child with one of them and was about to get married to another.

The women, aged from 20 -40, formed a chat group called ‘revenge alliance’ when they realized that he asked them for money every month.



Chinese society reacted in different ways to this story with some people wanting to take classes from Yuan and some shocked that such a plain-looking person hoodwinked 17 girls.

The police have now arrested Yuan on charges of fraud – not only in terms of the girls but also regarding his educational qualifications.




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