China’s Leading National Daily Praises GST, Calls It India’s ‘Biggest Tax Reform Since Independence’

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Updated on 13 Jul, 2017 at 1:50 pm


Amidst all the ongoing controversy between the Indian and Chinese armies at the Sikkim border, and China’s warnings of military attacks on India, something completely unexpected has been reported by a leading daily newspaper of China.

Global Times, a state-run newspaper that is usually busy attacking the Indian government, has, in one of its recent reports, praised the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India.

The report by Global Times started by referring to some global electronics manufacturers such as Midea, Samsung and Foxconn planning to make investments and set up manufacturing units in India and moved on to mention the reforms by the Indian government to make its markets an attractive place for international investors.

The leading media house of China called GST the country’s “biggest tax reform since its independence in 1947”.

The report further said that the tax reform is expected to boost the ‘Make in India’ initiative, since it is aimed at bringing all the state and central taxes into a system of a single tax. According to the publication, GST is “laying the foundation for a common national market and improving India’s manufacturing competitiveness”.


Praising the ‘Make in India’ campaign and the efforts of the Modi-led government to make it a success, the report by Global Times, China, said,

In fact, since Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the “Make in India” initiative in September 2014, the Indian government has been making aggressive efforts in unifying the country as a whole, with the aim of building it into an attractive manufacturing destination for global businesses.

The report then pointed out the shortcomings and challenges faced by India to “achieve its goal” and said,

Regulatory and bureaucratic challenges across the country’s 29 states mean that implementation of the reform measures will be far from simple, while poor infrastructure and cultural complexity may also undermine India’s advantage in terms of cheap labor.

A screenshot of the report published by Global Times online

The Global Times also highlighted the fact that India is at a crucial juncture for opening-up and unification of markets and said that this would require strong faith and assertiveness. It then mentioned that whether India succeeds in the current tasks will largely depend on the steadfastness of the Modi government in pushing forward the reform programs it has initiated.

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