China’s Muslim Majority In Little Mecca Fears The Eradication Of Islam From Beijing

2:51 pm 17 Jul, 2018


The most populated country in the world, China is a collection of different dialects and topographical extremes. Such features make the country look like there are several different countries rolled into one. Being a diverse nation, China’s Linxia City belong to the majority of Chinese-speaking Muslims or ‘Hui Muslims’ who have been living there for centuries. Well, according to sources, Hui Muslims and Han populations form almost equal proportions of the population in the Linxia City or popularly known as Little Mecca.

Little Mecca has been a spot in China where Islamic culture has such an intense impact that the Hui Muslims represents almost 51 percent of the population. The ethnic Muslims majority has enjoyed a haven of extensive religious freedom over the years. However, after living in the area for centuries, the Muslim-majority of Little Mecca is now facing the fear from the Chinese government and the reason is quite appalling.



Apparently, it seems like the Chinese government is suppressing the Muslim-majority in the Little Mecca region in a bid to mangle the potential separatist movements. This has made the locals fear that the Communist Party is trying to eradicate the Islamic religion from the country with the implementations of forceful regulations on the religious practices.



Incidentally, China governs the area of Xinjiang, yet another Muslim majority region. But there is strict management in the area to eradicate the ‘religious extremism’ and ‘separatism’. Interestingly, “re-education camps” have been formed in China’s Xinjiang area to implement minor breaches. Hui Muslims from Little Mecca fear the similar control and surveillance.



An anonymous senior Imam from Little Mecca said:

“We are scared, very scared. Frankly, I am afraid they’re going to implement the Xinjiang model here. These days children are not allowed to believe in religion, but only in Communism and the Party.”




Well, certain rules have already been executed with the mosques instructed to display the national flags on the top and removal of the loudspeakers from 355 mosques in order to reduce ‘noise pollution’. Moreover, local authorities have strictly curtailed the number of students over the age of 16 who are officially allowed to study in each mosque and even limited the certification processes for the new Imams.

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