China’s New Glass Bridge, 3,500 Ft Above Earth, Develops Crack; Tourists Panic

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6:11 pm 8 Oct, 2015

A newly-built glass bridge at the Yuntai Mountain walkway in China, which is suspended at a height of 3,450-feet above sea level, developed a crack on October 5, causing panic among tourists.

The tourists who went to the bridge for a thrill had a fright of their life.

A tourist posted on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter:

“I heard a bang from under…Everybody is screaming. I cried, ‘It’s really cracked! It’s really cracked!’ And pushed the people in front of me to get away.”


The official statement confirmed that the bridge developed a crack due to a heavy thermos dropped by a visitor.

It said:

“Safety staff found some small cracks at the exit of the glass walkway during a routine check. An inspection has found that the cracks were formed by a sharp external object. The walkway is made up of three layers of extra strong glass and one of them has cracks.”

But the statement added that this will have no impact on safety.

The glass bridge, which opened on September 20, 2015, has been constructed along a U-shaped cliff. The glass is said to be able to carry up to 800 kilograms per square meter.


The Henan Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area Administration assured tourists that it has decided to suspend the glass plank site and would make it accessible after repairs.


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