China Is Torturing Muslims By Feeding Them Pork And Alcohol In ‘Re-Education’ Camps

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3:15 pm 18 May, 2018

Last year, Major Gaurav Arya shared a media report which exposed Chinese administration’s behavior towards Imams and the fact that they were forbidden from their religious practices and forced to dance on streets. A few days prior to that, the issue of China having destroyed hundreds of mosques but “seculars” across the world keeping mum on the matter was highlighted. In light of Chinese administration’s unruly behavior and practices towards Muslims in the state, the truth of Muslim re-education camps being run by the China government has been exposed.


Imams in China being forced to dance. Source


According to media reports, the government of China has detained about 1 million Muslims in Muslim “re-education” camps in the restive province of Xinjiang. This accounts for a significant population in an area having 21 million total population out of which, close to 11 million are Muslims.


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On this issue, a report by Adrian Zenz of the European School of Culture and Theology in Korntal, Germany was released earlier this week. In his report, Zenz wrote a chilling recount of the ordeal of Muslims in Xinjiang. An excerpt from his report, as quoted by NDTV can be read below:

“China’s pacification drive in Xinjiang is, more than likely, the country’s most intense campaign of coercive social re-engineering since the end of the Cultural Revolution. The state’s proclaimed ‘war on terror’ in the region is increasingly turning into a war on religion, ethnic languages and other expressions of ethnic identity.”


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Writer and activist Tarek Fateh also garnered social media’s attention to the state of Muslims in China and administration’s torture on them. Take a look at his tweet below:



According to the report shared by Tarek Fateh in his tweet above, in the re-education camps in China, Muslims are being forced to eat pork and drink alcohol which are forbidden in Islam. The prisoners in these camps are also being tortured physically and mentally. Former detainees of the camps, Omir Bekali and Kayrat Samarkand have revealed their horrific experience in the camp to Washington Post. All the time, Omir Bekali, Kayrat Samarkand and other inmates were forced to disavow their Islamic beliefs, condemn themselves and their loved ones and thank China’s ruling Communist Party. The detainees who criticize people and things are given rewards while those who deny doing so are punished with beatings, food deprivation and solitary confinements.


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Below is how social media reacted to Tarek Fateh’s tweet:












By and large, Chinese authorities have abstained from commenting on these camps but have been quoted by local media saying that in order to fight separatism and Islamic extremism, ideological changes are needed. What are your views on China’s tormentation of Muslims in the name of their “re-education”? Do share with us in the comments section!

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