China Again (And Expectedly) Saves India’s Enemy Masood Azhar From UN-Designated Terrorist Tag

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8:20 pm 1 Oct, 2016

Well, for reasons known to anyone with even the slightest understanding of world affairs, China has decided to save terrorist Maulana Masood Azhar.

Reports say that Beijing has “extended” its technical hold on India’s request of getting the Jaish-e-Mohammad chief designated as a global terrorist by United Nations.




Beijing’s decision comes just two days before its hold was set to expire. They had blocked India’s call in March this year.

Maulana Masood Azhar and his terrorist group carried out the Pathankot terror attack and the Uri attack.

China’s block saved the terrorist who lives and operates freely from Pakistani soil backed by the country’s terror-supporting establishment.




If China had not extended its hold, Azhar would have been declared a global terrorist automatically, making him one of the prime targets in the worldwide war on terror.

This extension means that the hold remains in effect for another six months.

“The technical hold on India’s listing application submitted to the 1267 committee in March, 2016 has already been extended,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang told PTI in Beijing adding that there are “different views on India’s listing application”.

While 14 of the 15-member UNSC voted in favour of India, which is not a member, China became the only one to go against it.

The reason was very simple: it had to save Pakistan from further embarrassment of harbouring a terrorist so that its larger goal of constructing the CPEC is achieved.

The CPEC is so integral to China that it even indirectly warned India by saying that it will come to Pakistan’s aid if the latter is threatened by external aggression.




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