Twitterati Destroy China’s Crass Attempt At Making Fun Of Indian Soldiers With Racist Video

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 6:52 pm

Resorting to scurvy standards against India is not a new thing for Chinese media. Xinhua news, the official news agency of China, recently posted a video that portrays Indian Sikh soldiers in a very bad taste. The three-minute video full of erroneous and concocted facts accused India of committing “seven sins”.


China’s Xinhua news uploaded a video insulting Indian Sikh soldiers twitter

It is important to note that India and China have already entered the third month of their conflict over Doklam, a strategically significant territory that belongs to Bhutan. In mid-June, Chinese soldiers attempted to construct a motorable road in Doklam which was stopped by their Indian counterparts.

Ever since, the two countries have been involved in a stand-off over the issue. India holds that the construction of the road by China would involve significant change of status quo and have serious security implications for India.

This week, Chinese troops pelted Indian soldiers with stones in another disputed border territory near Ladakh.


A screenshot of the video twitter

The video was posted by Xinhua news on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, all of which are banned in China. It attempted to mock at Indian administration through crass humor by doing pathetic impersonation of an Indian Sikh soldier. The anchor in the video says a number of false things about India, including calling our country a “robber” and a “bad neighbor”.

The video was shared on Twitter page of China Xinhua News:


The video went viral in no time, inviting strong criticism from the Indian social media users. Some of these users got enraged by the video while some others were amused by the immature attempt of Chinese media. Here are some reactions of Twitter users on the video posted by Xinhua news: