China-Pakistan Working Together To Block India’s Entry Into Nuclear Suppliers Group

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11:54 am 13 May, 2016


It is an opportune time for India to gain membership of the Nuclear Suppliers’ Group (NSG), but China and Pakistan are working in tandem to block the Indian entry.

As per a media report, when India asked for an information session with the NSG Participating Governments (PGs) at the recent NSG Consultative Group meeting, where it would have made a formal presentation to the NSG Group in support of its membership, Pakistan requested for a similar discussion slot with the NSG PGs.


Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif shakes hands with China’s President Xi Jinping tribune

Reportedly, Pakistan made its request at the cue of China, in order for Beijing to look even-handed when it sought the rejection of both requests on grounds of parity.

Experts say an entry into NSG would not only help India procure more fuel and nuclear components, but also be an opportunity for the Indian industry to aggressively tap the global market.

A nuclear reactor defencetalk

A nuclear reactor defencetalk

The report also says that in anticipation of an application by India for NSG membership in June 2016, Pakistan is now going to write to all the NSG PGs about its wish to join the group.

The media report cites US sources as saying that China’s grand plan to derail the Indian application is either “both or none.”


This means rejecting the Indian application to the NSG on the pretext of “neutrality” and then hope that the “neutrality” card will stop any Indian commercial blowback on China.

The Chinese tactics of “using Pakistan’s non credentials with the NSG to settle scores with India” has also disappointed the US.




The report also cited sources saying that during Pakistan President Mamnoon Hussain’s visit to China in November 2015, China told President Hussain that if India is allowed to get NSG membership, China would ensure that Pakistan also joins the group.

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