Dare To Drink ‘Snake Wine’? Yes, An Alcoholic Beverage Made With Snake Venom

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Updated on 1 Sep, 2017 at 6:11 pm

Whether you like alcohol or dislike it, you should know about this weird alcoholic drink. Not really deadly, but yes, a lot of alcoholic beverages in China have venom of snakes and other small creatures like scorpions. Locals believe that the reptiles add flavor to the drink and have medicinal value too, reports India TV.

Known to be a traditional drink in China, the alcohol made with snake venom originated hundreds of years ago and is relished till date. Locals believe that it can cure farsightedness, hair loss, and even a few sips of it can improve the sexual performance of a man.


So, how exactly do Chinese people make these drinks?

The toxic alcoholic beverages are made by infusing full snakes in an already alcoholic drink called rice wine or ethanol. Snakes are dipped into the drinks for their “essence” and “venom” which gets dissolved in the liquor. They are kept like this for months so that their body fluids can mix well with wine and make for a shot. The fatal venom of the snake gets denatured by the ethanol present in the drink which unfolds the proteins and hence makes it inactive.


The drinks are treated in two different manners – steeped or mixed. In case of steeped, a large venomous snake is placed in a glass jar of rice wine with some other smaller snakes and medicinal herbs, and is consumed after a few months.


In case of mixed, the body fluids of the snakes are mixed in wine directly and consumed immediately. A blood wine of snake is prepared by slicing a reptile’s belly and pouring its blood directly into the drink.


The followers of traditional Chinese medicines consider these drinks to have curative virtues.