China Destroyed Hundreds Of Mosques, But The ‘Seculars’ Around The World Are Silent

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Updated on 13 Jul, 2017 at 1:50 pm


In the last three months, the Chinese Government has destroyed hundreds of mosques in the Xinjiang region of Beijing.

The demolition of mosques had been carried out under the ‘Mosque Rectification’ policy of the Chinese government’s Central Ethnic-Religious Affairs Department.

Eysajan Yaqup, a police officer in the Toqquqaz township said that the mosques were being demolished as a safety measure to control people in the Uyghur Autonomous Region.


The Mosque Yanqi in Xinjiang. Wikimedia Commons


Yaqup further revealed that his team has successfully demolished several mosques in three months and that the decision was taken to provide security to the people in the region. The Chinese government believes that Uyghur extremists are a threat to the society and one of the main reasons for the violent clashes with the police.

China has 50 million Muslim population, majority of them living in Xinjiang. The authorities have taken this decision with a view to weed out Uyghur extremists. The police are believed to raid the Uyghur hideouts regularly and have imposed restrictions on Islamic practices.


A woman protests before a Chinese police contingent in Xinjiang.AP Photo/Ng Han Guan

The Chinese government does not permit its Muslim citizens to fast during Ramazan or wear Islamic attire like the burqa publicly.

Some reports mentioned that 5,000 mosques have been demolished in three months and more are to follow. The government has also barred the use of loudspeakers at the mosque and have imposed restriction on Islamic teachings.


The rights of Muslims in Xinjiang are severely suppressed by Chinese authorities. SkyNews

However, it is very interesting to see the world silence on such atrocities being conducted in China. Pakistan, Islamic nations and even “liberals” in India have kept a strict mum on this matter. When Israel attacked Palestinians, the secular brigade in India had asked the Indian government to pass resolution against Israeli government.


Our “dear” neighbor, Pakistan, which spreads false information about condition of Muslims in India and had created an issue out of the killing of terrorist Burhan Wani by Indian Army in Kashmir, has maintained a pin-drop silence on this matter. It is very fascinating to see that India has been tagged as an intolerant country by the secular brigade and other agencies while China enjoys their passionate friendship.

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