China Hosted A Breast Model Competition And The Winner Got This Interesting Prize

1:31 pm 13 Apr, 2018

When it comes to pageants, the commoners hold a certain image, which is based on what they have always seen on television or read in news. While, the idea of beauty pageants has evolved over the time from the aesthetic category to an extensive criterion, but there are some competitions that are different.



One such unique competition is Breast Model Competition that was held in China. It broke all stereotypes and focused only on two things – the left breast and the right breast.



Students from a dozen universities across China come together to showcase their assets in the first ever Breast Model Contest that was held in the middle of a farmland near Zhejiang province in China.



Apparently, the competition may not sound amusing but the prize is! The winner gets a chance to appear as a nude body double for actresses in the China film studio who are too shy or uncomfortable to reveal their naked body in front of the camera.

The beauty pageant involved a series of competitions showcasing the talents of the breasts including crushing balloons using the breasts and holding smartphones with the cleavage only.



Interestingly, China has been the host to such beauty competitions in the past as well. In the competition in 2015, the winner revealed to have had breast implants done days before the competition. The following year saw another contest similar to this one that was themed to boost self-confidence in the participants and promote awareness about breast health.



In 2017, 23-year-old model Liu Quiaquian won the International Breast Model competition beating 11 other contestants for the crown of the winner.



This year, the winner’s crown was given to a girl hailing from Chongqing in southwest China. The unnamed girl didn’t just win the crown, but also the title and a job at the film studio as a body double for the actresses. The winner will reportedly earn about 10,000 Yuan (Rs 103,845) per day at the studio.



But all is not lost for the women who couldn’t win the title. They have another chance to participate at the annual International Breast Model Contest in Anhui province in China later.