This Is Why China Blocked India’s Call For Labelling Maulana Masood Azhar A Global Terrorist

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7:42 pm 2 Apr, 2016


According to China, Maulana Masood Azhar is not a terrorist.

In a very shocking (but not surprising) move, Beijing curtly vetoed a resolution calling for a UN ban on Azhar just hours before the deadline on the proposed UN 1267 Taliban/al-Qaeda resolution was to expire.

Note that China was the only country of the 15 that blocked the proposal. All other 14 nations, including Saudi Arabia, had sided with India.




Being a permanent UN member, China has the power to veto a resolution.

China has been snubbing India every time New Delhi makes a move against Pakistan at the UN.

New Delhi has been requesting the UN to declare Maulana a global terrorist since 2008 Mumbai terror attacks.




But why did China not side with India on the terror issue? Hasn’t it always maintained, including its declaration today, that it “supports UN playing a central and coordinating role in international cooperation against terrorism”?

The truth is that China’s economic interests in Pakistan are more important to it than the terror threat from Pakistan itself.



Xi Jinping


Pakistan is the most important peg in China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ world-domination scheme. Take a look at this map:


China intends to encircle India and build a new silk route that threatens to seriously undermine our maritime and economic interests.

The Gwadar port in Pakistan’s south is integral to China’s economic and strategic interests.

Beijing is spending billions of dollars (estimates vary from $18-$20 billion) in building an economic corridor that literally cuts through Pakistan and connects China’s Xinjiang region to the Arabian Sea.


One can gauge the importance of this corridor from the fact that Pakistan is even bending over to Beijing’s demand that the Gilgit-Baltistan in Pak-occupied-Kashmir is annexed by Pakistan.


Nawaz Xi


Practically, China is playing like that evil daddy who tells his kid to wreck havoc on others. And as long as Pakistan is important to China’s world-domination ambitions, Islamabad will remain like the illegitimate prodigal child who can break his neighbour’s window pane without fear of admonishment from his daddy.