China Has Taken The ‘Best’ Action On Panama Papers Which Exposed Its Leaders

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2:15 pm 5 Apr, 2016


Four big names out of eight from China figure among those who now stand exposed after the humongous Panama Papers leak.

They are: Chinese President Xi Jinping, former Chinese Premier Li Peng, Former Politburo member Jia Qinglin, and disgraced party member Bo Xilai.





Of course the dragon is furious that names of its past and present riders is getting tarnished! So it has taken the expected course: gag the internet.


China has started censoring social media posts on the Panama Papers. By Tuesday morning, hundreds of posts on China’s social media sites Sina Weibo and Wechat have been deleted.

In fact, the word “Panama” itself was among the top censored words in China.





The leaked papers, from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca, reveals that Deng Jiagui, brother-in-law of Xi Jinping, held offshore shell companies. Bloomberg had reported in 2012 that Deng and his wife owned hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate.

Chinese premier from 1987 to 1998, Li Peng finds his name cropping up because of his daughter Li Xiaolin.


Similarly, Jia Qinglin’s name appears because of granddaughter Jasmine Li while Bo Xilai’s because of his wife. Xilai is serving life imprisonment on graft charges.

Beijing is intolerant of anything that criticizes China, the Communist party or the party leaders. Did you know that they even banned this poor chap?




Yes, that’s oh-so-cute Winnie the Pooh and the lovable bear banned in China in 2015 just because he resembles President Xi.

Images like the ones below were shared on China’s social media platforms before they were taken down.







Practically, everything that means the internet for you is blocked in China. There is no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even the irreplaceable Google. Ironically, China unblocked The Pirate Bay – the one site everyone in the West hates.

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