This Is ‘Chilla’, A Women-Safety App That Gets Activated With A Scream

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5:54 pm 9 Jun, 2016

Kolkata-based app developer Kishlay Raj has developed an android application ‘Chilla‘ that can be triggered by just a shrill scream.

It totally removes the hassles of unlocking the phone or opening the app.

The mobile app designed by Raj, a final year engineering student from Kolkata, has already featured in the list of apps recommended by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

Besides a scream, the application can also be triggered by pressing the power button five times.

Once triggered, the application can send an SMS, email (with audio recording) and automatically place calls.

The app can detect the scream of the person in danger even if the phone is in the purse or pocket.


The Chilla application makes use of frequency detection rather than the loudness of the scream and can send distress calls without the touch of a button.

The power button feature of app works even if the app is not on.



Once you log into the application, you will be asked to set up your profile and provide the phone number of three near and dear ones who should be notified in an emergency.

Unhappy with the personal safety apps available on the internet, Raj started working on this app seven months ago to give a practical solution to people in distress.



According to Raj, the app acts as personal guardian angel when one is in distress. He said the app can be used in case of emergencies too, for example during a heart attack, the victim’s location and recording can be immediately sent without unlocking the phone.

Recently, the Indian government has mandated that all the phones sold in India from 2017 onward should come with a panic button for women’s safety.


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