300 Young School Children Learn Yoga At Amrita SeRVe Villages Across India

2:30 pm 9 Aug, 2017


Yoga has been a part of Indian culture and tradition since ages. And with the government now trying its best to bring yoga back into the lives of all, yoga has once again seeped into our daily lives. From offices holding regular yoga sessions to schools and other educational institutions introducing yoga as a part of their curriculum, yoga is literally everywhere.

However, have the benefits of yoga reached our villages? Thanks to the effort of Amrita SeRVe villages, the children residing in those  villages are learning to stretch and twist as well as harboring peace in their little hearts. Yoga classes are a part of their daily school routines and nearly 300 kids from around the country are getting to learn the archaic lessons of yoga.

Amrita SeRVe are self-reliant village schemes across India that aim to provide sustainable development for the poor and the downtrodden. It is a brainchild of Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi.

Village coordinator teaching school kids yoga in Gujarat.
Amrita SeRVe


In today’s society, it is indeed an uphill task to make parents understand the benefit of yoga – of the kids spending 30 minutes in the field learning the ancient art form rather than wrestling inside the classrooms to solve an arithmetic problem. However, it has been seen that 30 minutes spent in yoga and meditation can take up the concentration level of a student notches higher.

Children learning the tree-pose in Gujarat. Amrita SeRVe



Of course, the yoga classes for the children in these villages are not monotonous and strict. They are filled with laughter and fun in order to make the kids fall in love with yoga and meditate with full focus and attention.