16 Reasons Childhood Sweethearts Can Make An Awesome Couple

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Updated on 9 Dec, 2015 at 3:29 pm


When it comes to dating your childhood sweetheart, they call it puppy love. It just feels so good to hear that childhood love is actually going to bloom into ‘forever after’. The feeling is just “Awww.” And here we list 16 valid reasons to prove that childhood sweethearts indeed make an awesome couple:


1. You guys know each other’s roots.

Childhood lovers will never ask each other to leave behind their core roots for a relationship. You guys have seen each other’s homes; you know what culture is followed by the respective families and in most cases, you are likely to have grown up respecting any differences in lifestyle.



2. Weird, crazy, too serious, or obnoxious – you accept each other’s family better.

Your childhood sweetheart knows your family dynamics. So you guys will understand one another’s relationship with their family and siblings.


3. Best friends first, lovers second!

This is the best reason to have your childhood sweetheart as your lover. You know almost everything about each other – taste in music, food, books, and so on.


4. Every silly moment spent together is priceless.

You probably went to the same school, had the same set of friends and spent most of your teenage days at the same hangouts. That’s super-cool by any definition for any romantic relationship.


5. Your family knows each other and there is no need for a formal introduction.

They probably even sensed your relationship much before you did.


6. You have memories of singing a song together, acting in a play, going together on picnics and a whole lot more.

All these innocent memories further strengthen the connection you guys have. You know each other really well and in some areas, you know each other more than you know yourselves!


7. Chances are that you two learnt how to flirt by practicing on each other.

Not knowing in the process that you were discovering each other’s like and dislikes.


8. You are each other’s first and last idea of love.

Since you both are childhood sweethearts, you both lived the same love you idolized.


9. No words are needed between you two. You can read each other’s minds simply by looking at each other.

You are best friends first, and know what’s going on in the other person’s head just by reading their expression.


10. Your first kiss will ever be so memorable.

And it will be more memorable if you first kissed as teenagers.


11. You are each other’s first and last love.


12. You accept each other unconditionally; that’s rare – very rare!

You know each other’s worst habits, worst nightmares, and worst fears and still you love unconditionally.


13. You don’t judge each other anymore.

Because you know each other inside out, there’s no place for judging each other.


14. You feel at home with each other.

You feel safe, happy and comfortable with each other. You don’t have to think twice before saying anything. There is no fear of getting ‘judged’. What can be cooler than that?


15. You know and respect each other’s dreams.

You value each other’s emotions and support each other as you did when you were two feet above the ground.


16. Chances of one leaving the other are one in hundred.

No matter how angry you are with each other, how annoyed and sometimes disappointed, you will love each other. You will keep coming back.



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