Raped Child Delivers Baby After Being Denied Abortion By The Supreme Court

12:30 pm 19 Aug, 2017


With each passing day, rapes in India tend to be increasing on a demonic scale. Not just women, even babies in their cradles do not seem to escape this trauma. The latest case in point exemplifies this grim situation perfectly.


A few days ago a little girl from Chandigarh was reported to have become pregnant after she was raped by her uncle. It was the kid’s repeated complaints of stomach pain that made her parents consult a doctor, who discovered her pregnancy. Since she was almost 37 weeks into her pregnancy and was a mere kid of 10, both the district court and the Supreme Court denied permission for an abortion. Unknown of her plight, she was consoled by her parents with stories of a “big stone” being the reason for her bump.


A few days later, on Thursday, she gave birth to a baby through a cesarean section at a Chandigarh hospital. The baby weighs around 5.5lb.

Reportedly, the girl has still not been told that she delivered a baby – she just knows she had a stone in her stomach that needed an operation.

According to the Indian Law, it is illegal to abort a baby if the pregnancy is more than 20 weeks. However, special permissions are granted when the fetus is seen to be exceedingly weak or the mother seems to be at risk. However, this girl’s case was evidently complex since medical experts are of the opinion that carrying and delivering a baby at the age of 15 or younger can have severe repercussions including anemia, hemorrhage and high blood pressure.

Meanwhile, the little girl’s parents have demanded a compensation of Rs 10 lakh in the Supreme Court for the maintenance of the newborn. Thereafter the SC has issued a notice to the Center and the Chandigarh administration concerning the same. The next hearing is scheduled for August 22.



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