Sights Like This Are Why We Need An Informed And Dedicated National Policy On Beggars

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8:15 pm 15 Jun, 2016


We’ve grown way too used to seeing the pathetic physical conditions and unhygienic squalor that are almost symbolic of beggars. Too easily we keep our eyes fixed on our paths and our minds focused on ourselves, ignoring those who barely manage to eke out an existence on our roads.

Most beggars, like this little boy in Delhi, are able-bodied. Studies have found that most beggars resort to begging due to crushing poverty.

Child Beggar


While many of us can attest to the nuisance and trickery that beggars can bring with them, it is our duty as humans to at least try to ensure that everyone has a fair chance at life. There is an absence of a cohesive and humane national policy for beggars in India. If fixed, it can at least help some of them find suitable jobs.

Children on the streets face not only pollution, malnutrition, harassment, and sexual harassment; they seem to have no hope for the future. That is something we must strive to change.

Child Beggar Delhi


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