A Hungry Student Posted ‘Chicken Biryani’ Craving On Facebook, Got The Surprise Of His Life Instead!

2:53 pm 30 Jul, 2018


These days, social media is the only tool it seems to get any message across – it’s fast, reliable and full of surprises! In this tech world, all kinds of people exist, who share different experiences, post pictures, crave for fast delivery or post their dirty comments and hate speeches. However, very few people use it to their advantage to help others. Remember the Chaiwali Aunty who is an online celebrity, or the Mumbai resident who praised a Zomato customer care executive? Who doesn’t crave for cakes and chicken biryani after all?

Shadwal Srivastava and a Zomato official shared a full ‘shuddh Hindi’ gig when his order got delayed. Have a look at their ‘inspiring’ camaraderie:




It doesn’t end there. There’s more in this second tweet:



Almost everyone uses social media these days to share pictures of their food or joints. However, some pockets are left empty by the end of the month.



This is especially true if you’re a student in India, and can barely even manage the house rents. Hiring a part-time maid is considered too rich and out of question for budget-friendly students.



It’s ‘normal’ for such students to wait around a week on most days, to even get a morsel of their favourite food – be it chicken biryani, burgers or even other fancy foods.



Talking of chicken biryani, the inevitable part of every Indian foodies dinner table, a student named Uddipan Misra, was left craving in the quest for it. He only wanted a plate of the mouth-watering dish, but had no money for it!



Since it was the month’s end and he had no pocket money (while living away from home) to afford his favourite plate of chicken biryani, he decided to do something about it.



His craving got such a high, that it seemed impossible for him to live without chicken biryani! He went onto Facebook and posted his ordeal on Bengaluru Biryani Club, in which his desperation was too obvious.

His Facebook post read:



The broke student’s post soon caught the attention of many fellow mutton/chicken biryani lovers, who obviously understood his desperation and actually ordered it for him!



Overwhelmed by the response of the generous netizens, he shared another Facebook post, this time thanking everyone for their generosity:

“This afternoon, I was craving for some delicious chicken/mutton biryani. But being a student living away from home, it’s a regular affair to be broke near the end of every month. So, no wonder, I couldn’t afford a sumptuous plate of biryani, at least, for the 3-4 days till July is over. Yet as I sat on the couch, munching chips, I thought to myself that I couldn’t do without biryani today. So I put up a light hearted post on Bengaluru Biryani Club, stating my situation and how desperately I wanted biryani. Honestly, I had not expected anything but “haha” reacts and “I can relate” comments. I was taken by absolute surprise and was overwhelmed to see the comments section and my inbox which were flooded with responses asking for my address to be sent biryani to. I can’t thank anyone enough for the love and kindness they’ve shown today and gestures like these make life beautiful!! Till now, I have received 4 orders of biryani. Today has to be one of the most memorable days of my life!!

Special thanks to Pratik Shevade, Debosmit Chakravorty, Shivadatta Sharma, Tomy Fernandez who literally sent me biryani!!”


Not just that, Uddipan Misra also shared pictures of the chicken biryani which kept his hungry buds at bay. It included a special Thali as well!


Before the feast started:



Midway, almost!



The irresistible Thali was a bonus!






















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