Hoax Alert: News About Chhote Nawab’s Chhota Nawab Just A Baseless Rumor

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9:02 pm 13 Jul, 2016

So, here’s what’s transpired in the last ten hours or so. Some enthu cutlet site broke the news that Saif and Kareena are having a baby boy.

I’m guessing this rumor spread because the couple was scheduled for a sonogram. Some rookie jumped the gun and made the most predictable desi guess EVER:


You know how Indians are about fetal sex determination and such like. We no care as long as there’s a boy in the oven! Ha! Rumor has it that Saif and Kareena got it done while they were holidaying in London recently. For shame!

Anyway, it took Saifeena’s spokesperson ten something hours to deny the story and unequivocally state,

Now the internet is abuzz with said denial. The following link is being RT’d to hell and back!


Their vehement denial is kinda obvious, really! And not only because it’d be freaking illogical for affluent, educated members of the film fraternity to do something so disgusting! It’s illegal to get fetal sex determination in India. Just in case you conveniently forgot!



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