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This Girl Is Studying To Return As An Officer To The Place Were Maoists Killed Her Father

Published on 14 July, 2016 at 5:43 pm By

Maoists had shot her father, Ram Kumar Bhoyar, dead in 2010. At the time, Ulsi was studying in Class 6. That blow forced her family to leave their 25-acre agricultural land in Sarandi village in Antagarh block of Kanker district in Naxal-hit Chhattisgarh and migrate to a safer location.

It was Ulsi’s resolute mother who identified that the best way to tackle the hardships the family had been suddenly plunged into was a decent education for the children.



The girl, Ulsi, is a tribal whose father was killed by Naxals. ANI

The girl, Ulsi, is a tribal whose father was killed by Naxals. ANI

A tribal, Ulsi was keen on studying. Her mother, who once boasted of being the owner of a huge tract of land, worked as a labourer to meet the educational costs of her children and run the family.

Today, Ulsi has made it to the Indira Gandhi Agricultural University in Raipur. Her admission was secured thanks to the state government’s scheme for children of those affected by Naxal violence under which such kids have to produce a certificate stating that they are so affected.




Ulsi told ANI that she wanted to become an agricultural officer because she wants her family to return to the days when people at Sarandi used to call them “big farmers”. She wants to go back to Sarandi as an officer.

Of course, the family including her grandfather Jhaduram Bhoyar, grandmother Sunhai Bai, and mother Mangli Bhoyar are ecstatic.


They hope that Ulsi will have a better future. Mangli is proud and wants her to concentrate only on her studies and bring out the family from its current situation.

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