Chhatisgarh Health Ministry To Introduce Blood Transfusion Bikes To Deliver Blood Bags At Hospitals

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1:15 pm 28 Jul, 2017


At present, India has more than 2600 licensed blood banks, yet there are 9 districts in the state of Chhatisgarh that are deprived of even one blood bank. In such a situation, procuring blood in case of emergency for the residents of these districts becomes challenging. In order to tackle this difficulty, the government of Chhatisgarh has taken an initiative for its state that will make getting blood easier for people and hospitals.

The health ministry of the state is set to launch Blood Transfusion Bikes (BTB) in order to make blood available to those in need, at their doorstep. The tender has been approved and allotted to GVK Emergency Management and Research Institute (GVK EMRI), the company that serves helpline numbers 102 to 108. The budget of purchasing 10 BTB bikes for the service delivery by GVK EMRI has been sent by the department to the government and is yet to be approved.

A Blood Transfusion Bike could be similar to this bike ambulance TheBetterIndia


The service of delivering blood on BTB at the hospital where the needy patient is ailing will be completely free of cost. According to media reports, Raipur will be the first city to host the pilot project of BTB and, if successful in Raipur, the project will be launched in remote areas of Chhatisgarh. This project in the state will be the first of its kind in the whole country.

The health department is also aiming to open blood banks in the 9 districts, the process for which is underway. When the blood banks are opened, they will be furnished with blood by mother blood bank with the help of BTBs. These BTBs will also deliver blood to hospitals. A toll free service will be introduced for these purposes.

After donation, blood is stored at a particular temperature inside a freezer owing to which it can be used until 20 days after donation. The boxes fitted on the bikes will also have similar freezers that will be capable of keeping the blood under required temperature conditions, hence, ensuring that the blood remains usable.



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