These Scenes From Delhi’s Railway Stations Ahead Of Chhath Puja Are Worrying

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7:27 pm 25 Oct, 2017


Thousands of passengers boarded Bihar-bound trains to reach home in time for Chhath Puja. The Chhath Puja festivities began on October 24 and will continue till October 27. It is a festival for the people of Bihar, Jharkand and some parts of Uttar Pradesh. The festival sees hundreds of people come home to Bihar to offer prayers to Lord Sun and Chhathi Maiyya. Obviously, being the three most populous states of the country, the crowd is mammoth.


Keeping in the mind the heavy rush at the railway stations in Delhi, the Indian Railways announced running of 31 special trains for the festival season. The Railway Police Force was tasked with the duty of maintaining order at the stations. The Railways also pitched in doctors to provide immediate medical attention in case of emergencies.


To control the crowd, the railways have positioned ticket checkers and other officials at the foot-over bridges – the most vulnerable areas during crowd movement. Temporary toilets and drinking water taps have been installed and tents have been pitched to accommodate the passengers.

However, the Indian public doesn’t seem to have learnt from the Elphinstone Bridge collapse incident at Mumbai. Despite the authorities trying their best to tackle the crowd, people were seen hanging from the train windows, boarding moving trains, and pushing each other at the foot-over bridges.


People trying to enter the coach from window. Twitter

The photograph below clearly shows how people tried to push each other to board the train while the railway official was clearly having a difficult time tackling them.


People trying to enter the coach from window. Twitter

And this tweet shows how RPF stepped in to help passengers who were injured during the rush.

The collapse of Elphinstone station foot-over bridge killed 23 people while several were left injured. This picture from that fateful day in Mumbai still haunts many.

The incident triggered a major demand for the improvement of railway infrastructure at the stations.


While the people continue to behave in their own ways, praiseworthy words are pouring in for the efforts of the Railways.



The authorities tried their best to facilitate their journey, but it seems that we never learn.


Credit: SUNO