You Probably Haven’t Heard Chetan Bhagat’s Pearls Of Wisdom On Women’s Day

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Updated on 13 Mar, 2016 at 6:05 pm


Before we tell you what Chetan Bhagat said this Women’s Day, we have a Diwali shocker for you – his new book will be written from a female perspective and surprisingly, it will be his first novel written in the female first person.



After the failure of ‘Half-Girlfriend’, the whole nation wants to ignore him. But, you might consider reading his new book after you hear his inspiring yet practical take on modern women.


1. He imagines if men had to face same issues a woman experiences everyday.

“They face issues men almost never face. If we men did have to face them, I don’t know how we would get through it. For instance, imagine living in a world where you are constantly reminded about your physical looks (which women are, directly or indirectly through various societal cues). If I had to make myself aware on how am I looking five times a day, I wonder how it would affect my focus, thoughts, creativity and other work.”




2. He believes that life’s hard for everyone. Everyone is trying to live happily. Let girls be themselves and enjoy the freedom they deserve.



3. It’s a man’s world.



4. More relationship advice from the master. This is what he does best.


“When a guy doesn’t call you back, or when someone said mean things about you or when life is just not working out, knowing what you are here for helps a lot.”



5. Maintaining the right balance is what every woman needs.

“Work never stops for women, in the office or at home. So for women it is not just work-life balance, it ends up being work-work balance. The result is stress and exhaustion. Get a life of your own. Time for yourself. People around you and their expectations matter a lot. However, you matter the most.”



6. Togetherness forms the core strength of all women.

“Unless you unite and bang your fist on the table, it’s not going to happen. Whether it is women’s safety, equality at home, respect at work or personal rights, you will have to join and fight for the same. So, stay together”



7. Your looks don’t define you, girls.

“Don’t obsess about looks. The pretty women you see in magazines are not real, even if there is no Photoshop involved. Makeup and lighting can alter reality to unimaginable levels. I have done photo shoots myself. I end up looking like my own son in some of the pictures. Nobody is as pretty as the women in the magazines. It’s make-believe. It’s for fun. Don’t take it seriously.”



So, will you still ignore his book?