Chetan Bhagat Promoted His New Book And Upcoming Movie But Nobody Is Excited About It

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11:56 am 30 Mar, 2016


Chetan Bhagat is the only author who actively Tweets and inactively writes books. It’s been more than a year since he released his last book ‘Half-Girlfriend’ and the trauma it caused hasn’t died yet.

So, he, with the hope to not disappoint us again, is writing his first novel from a female perspective and it will be published this Diwali.

To get audiences interested, he Tweeted this:


Promoting his book seems a just another mistake of his life, as nobody except his editors (who religiously correct his grammatical errors) care about his novel. The reactions of the people were mean but honest.

Gratitude our is attitude. Still.


The real reason why I never purchased his book.


Enjoy till the time you can.



An advice for the sexpert.

The real reason why he is returning after 1 year.


This Tweet is more interesting than his previous books.

And I know what you are thinking right now,



We are so not waiting for your book.