This Chennai Man Got A Shocking Reply When He Asked Banks To Give Him Rs.4000

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5:32 pm 10 Nov, 2016

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s gamechanging move to demonetise Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes has left hundreds rushing to their nearby bank branch to get new currency notes.

A Chennai man, who needed money as the marriage of his friend’s daughter was just a day away, was left shocked when went to a bank.

Despite carrying the wedding card of the scheduled marriage ceremony, the banking authorities denied his requests to grant him over Rs 4000.


His predicament was that the reception ceremony was going to take place soon after the marriage.

The impact of government taking away notes from circulation was visible all across the country, with many facing inconvenience in buying milk, vegetables, medicines and other daily essentials, and in commuting in auto-rickshaws and taxis.

Taxi and auto-rickshaw drivers were hit hard due to “shortage” of smaller denomination notes as well as anxiety among people. Long queues were witnessed at petrol pumps with staff asking people to buy fuel in multiples of Rs 500 or Rs 1000 due to short of cash in smaller denominations.



People also faced difficulty across numerous outlets as they refused to accept Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes.

Long queues were seen outside banks on November 10 to get the new Rs 500 and Rs 2000 notes.

While PM Modi’s move may come as a bloody blow to those who have earned money illegally and anti-national elements, the rights and the interests of honest, hard-working people are believed to be protected.



Those who have legal money can deposit the old notes in banks between November 10 and December 30 by producing PAN, Aadhaar or voter card. The money can then be withdrawn. The banks will limit the withdrawal transactions to Rs 10,000 per day and Rs 20,000 per week. The ATM withdrawal limit will be Rs 2,000.


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