This Man Was Arrested For Possessing Marijuana But He Is No Ordinary Soul

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6:58 pm 1 Mar, 2016

On Feb 28, The Globe reports on the arrest of a man in connection with marijuana possession.


Tim Maslow

A mugshot of Maslow shared with the press. VERMONT STATE POLICE

He is Tim Maslow, the chef-owner of Ribelle restaurant.

So what, you ask?

Food & Wine magazine called Maslow one of America’s best chefs. In 2013, the Boston Globe rated his restaurant, Ribelle in Brooklyn, 4 stars (extraordinary).


Boston Globe

Tim Maslow at Ribelle in 2013. Boston Globe

Maslow was crossing the US-Canada border in Vermont for carrying 22.5 pounds of marijuana edibles and a pipe.



He was released on $5000 (Rs.3 lakh) bail after he pleaded “not guilty”.





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