This Is How You Can Cheer For Team India During The Upcoming Rio Olympics

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1:54 pm 5 Aug, 2016

With Rio Olympics 2016 set to take off in few hours, sports fans from all across the globe are ready to cheer for their country and share their passion for their favorite teams.

Getting into the same trend, India too has a series for Twitter and Facebook hashtags through which one can show their support for Team India and also find out what is happening in each event.

Twitter too has released 207 team emojis via which Twitterati can show their support and also follow Rio Olympic 2016.

These emojis are hashtag-triggered, as soon as one uses these specific hashtags, emojis will show up.


For team India, few of these hashtags are #IND for India, this will trigger Indian flag emoji on Twitter, #KheloIndia which has been launched by the Indian sports ministry and will one change their profile picture showing support to India’s Olympic team, #teamindia and #IamteamIndia. 


Besides these, there are also few generic hashtags which can be used for all Olympic events.


These trigger emojis would be available in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.


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