Not Getting Your Daily Dose Of Hotness On Instagram? Try Cheekky Instead!

4:48 pm 3 Dec, 2018

How many of you have been looking for an app where you can feel the heat? With the content policies being strict, things can be really difficult for someone who is looking for some something risqué. Take the example of Instagram for instance; with the strict content policies, Instagram dismisses anything which is risqué. It is obvious that models who feel comfortable sharing their super bold pics cannot share them even if they wish to. But let us tell you that there are some obvious ways! There are platforms which provide models with the opportunity to share their super bold pics with the masses. Similarly, people also get an access to what they want! We are talking about the digital platform Cheekky!

In fact, there is another digital platform named as  Buttrcup, which caters to such requirements. Think about it, have you ever seen something risque on Instagram? Or simply something which the heart cannot handle? You haven’t and we know it!



Representational GIF weareteachers


Interestingly, Cheekky is from the people who made Buttrcup. On Cheeky, the bold divas (models) don’t have to be concerned that they will be reported. Now, can you fathom the difference between Instagram and Cheekky already?

Take a look at some of the most risqué pictures which Cheekky has to offer:


Her expressions!



Absolute boldness!



What do you think about this one?!



Super bold!



For the record, This site was co-founded by Jenna Lee who is a former model herself. Users can get access to the content by signing up, which is free. Furthermore, they can subscribe to whichever posts they like! There is an option to purchase premium videos of their liking;  that too for a one-time fee only. So, what do you have to say about the digital platform Cheekky? Let us know in the comments section below!