Three Chechen Girls Are In Trouble For Defrauding ISIS Fighters

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5:44 pm 4 Aug, 2015

Chechnya is a mostly Muslim republic in Russia, and while the rest of the world may be in fear of ISIS and the group’s plans, it seems that for three Chechen girls, ISIS fighters are just an easy mark. The girls decided to scam fighters belonging to ISIS, which is being considered as the world’s most fearsome terrorist group.

The girls set up fake Facebook profiles in order to solicit cash from ISIS members who paid them to travel to Syria.



ISIS has been recruiting not only male soldiers via the internet but also jihadi brides for their fighters. The terrorist group’s representatives are known to have helped many females (including minor ones) arrange travel plans and documents. One of the Chechen women was contacted by an ISIS representative who asked her to become a jihadi bride and told her he’d pay her travel expenses. With this in mind, the women set the trap.

All three women said they would travel to Syria if they had the money, and the ISIS representative sent them the cash.



Chechen ISIS fighters cloudfront


Apparently the girls made about £3,000 (around 3 lakh rupees). After the cash was sent to them via Qiwi-Wallet (a popular Russian electronic cash transfer system), they would shut down their profiles or block the person they had been in contact with. The activity was detected by Russian police who were monitoring online criminal activities.

The fact of the matter is: it is illegal to scam anyone (yes, even ISIS) and the girls have been detained on suspicion of fraud.



Lest this story give you ideas of how to earn some extra cash, let us tell you that this group is full of dangerous and barbaric people, who are savvier with technology than other terrorist organizations. Getting your hands on some cash isn’t worth the backlash a move like this might bring.

The three girls are under house arrest and face a fine or a jail term of 6 years. People on social media sites, however, see them as heroic characters.



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